Gabriel García Márquez Dies


A Latin-American legend is taken from us today!

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I haven’t been excited about comics in a long time :/

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Divergent Characters + Name Meanings (x)

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"For me, my rule in this industry is I’ve got to listen to my butterflies. So if I got butterflies, then those are the scripts I go after."

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The king and his men
stole the queen from her bed,
and bound her in her bones.
The seas be ours, and by the powers;
where we will, we’ll roam.

"the cape for thor and now the shield for cap" (x)

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I like don’t like this girl and sometimes I don’t think she likes me. But we’re being nice and it’s weird. I’m itchy

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Sweet, I got paid to nap. I also wanna throw up every time someone declares their love in a fucking paragraph for their SO on instagram

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